Jeremy Jansen et son coloc Niall McClelland ont récemment parcouru plusieurs milliers de kilomètres à bord d'un van pour distribuer plus de 20 000 exemplaires de leur denier travail, History, édité par Koyama Press.

“History is a year long collaborative project between Niall McClelland and Jeremy Jansen illustrating research into their respective cultural backgrounds. McClelland’s focus is centered primarily on Irish history and the religious and political troubles that have plagued the country throughout its history. Jansen’s research involves his exploration of Italian culture and the role of the mafia both in Italy and its migration to North America.
The artists will be producing a series of 11 double sided black and white newsprint posters that illustrate their findings. The research will be illustrated  with a variety of mediums including photography, typography and found graphic materials. 

The resulting poster series will be available, for free, in a mobile outdoor installation during the 2011 Miami art fair weekend.”


3 commentaires:

sammy a dit…

On peut avoir des exemplaires ?

Maxime a dit…

je suis en train de voir avec Jérémy pour en diffuser ici. je te tiens au courant !

sammy a dit…

oui ça serait bien qu'ils voyagent un peu ces papiers