En mai dernier, Erik Van Der Weijde publiait le quatrième volume de sa série FOTO.ZINE, composée de cinq numéros avec les contributions de Erik Kessels, Linus Bill, Takashi Homma, Paul Kooiker et Eric Tabuchi.

La série est construite autour de confrontations directes entre les images produites par Erik Van Der Weijde et ses invités, ce qui fonctionne particulièrement bien avec le travail d'Erik Kessels.

Dans un bref entretien par mails, Erik a accepté de revenir sur la genèse de ce projet :

- First of all, what is the project behind this serie of zines ?
i wanted to make a series together with artists whose work i admire and wanted to do something loosely based on the theme of 'family'.
i think there are quite some photo publications out there that seem a bit too ego centrical, or 'navel-staring'. but because it's not about the photographer, but about the photographs, i thought it would be nice to work together, in an unpretentious way...

- How did you choose the photographers ? And why ?
i chose the photographers whose work i admire...All photographers who work mainly in series.

- What were their feelings when you asked them to be part of the project ?
i think all of them liked to be part of it. i didn't need to convince any of them, so i imagine they liked to do this little project.

- Did you signed the design of the collection?
yes. i am not a designer, but i design all of my zines, in a way that fits the projects best.

- What are your next projects ?
my new book, as a follow up of This is not my Son, titled This is not my Wife, is in the designing stage and will be out for Offprint in November.
At the end of this moment, during NY art book fair, my book Bonsai will be presented, at the Motto booth. This book is like an extension of Der Baum (2010).
And I'm working with ROMA on the follow up after Siedlung and Superquadra. But this should be ready for the beginning of 2012.

Publishing date May 2011

24 pages (5x)
14x19,5 cm
offset printed in The Netherlands 


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